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We’re always thinking. From what today’s opportunities mean for tomorrow’s businesses to how we can help clients create a stronger future.

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Meet Zach J

Before joining North Highland as an Analyst in our Atlanta office, Zach managed business operations for a real estate firm in Indianapolis. He holds a BSB from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, making him the first member of his family to attend and graduate college. Zach also leads our PRIDE Alliance Network.
On Zach’s very first project, he was thrust into a nature of work and industry that he hadn’t experienced before. The project entailed performing change management support for a global financial services provider. Through his learnings at the firm, and with a supportive team around him, Zach quickly discovered not only how to execute on an engagement, but also how to assess additional client needs and create an environment through which the North Highland team can continue adding value long after the end of the project. Working with this client allowed Zach to build unique solutions tailored to their business needs, and since then he has been nothing short of a change management wizard.
So Zach, how would you say the Academy at North Highland has benefited you as a professional?
“The Academy model has really benefitted my growth as a new consulting professional in more than a few ways. It’s afforded me so many learning opportunities like: certification courses, soft skill learnings, and even operational learning modules. It’s also helped define a learning “journey” that creates a framework of how I should plan and monitor my continued growth. On a more personal level, I love how I have a community of such amazing and gifted personalities around me who I view not only as work associates, but as my friends, too.”

Meet Brittany B

Based out of the Philadelphia office, Brittany is a North Highland Consultant and has been a multi-disciplinary from the very start, with a bachelor’s in International Studies, a minor in Economic Development, and a concentration in Near Eastern Studies from Washington College. She also holds dual-master’s degrees – one in Political Science and a one in Public Administration. Now, thanks in part to North Highland, she is also PROSCI®-certified.
During her time as a political organizer for national, state, and local elections, Brittany developed a unique set of skills that she was able to share with her peers during an Academy “Lunch and Learn”, during which Academy members share their specific areas of expertise with fellow members. Brittany appreciates how North Highland’s on-the-job learning model accelerates professional growth that would otherwise take months or years to acquire. On her second project, she remembers how patient her team members were, walking her through points of confusion and providing necessary advice and resources. The thoughtfulness and generosity of her colleagues are just a few of the many reasons she’s invested in a long-term consulting career. Between that and the fact that she’s an avid re-watcher of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, she’s in good company.
Before you go, Brittany, what else would you like to share with future candidates?
“I joined North highland looking to pivot my career into one where I would not be confined to one sector or set of skills. It was one of the best decisions I made. Not every day is sunny – there have been many challenging moments where I questioned my choices, but I have been met with resounding reassurance from my coach, team members, office mates, and the broader North Highland community. If you are looking for a change, or a healthy work environment to share your gifts, please consider North Highland and its Academy. You will not be disappointed.”

Meet Csilla K

Csilla is a Consultant at North Highland based out of our Atlanta office. After earning her BA in International Relations at the University of San Diego, Csilla went on to receive her MBA from Georgia Southern University. Before that, she was a professional alpine ski racer for 7 years, competing on the US Paralympic Alpine Team. Csilla currently leads the Academy’s Communications Team.
On her journey to North Highland, Csilla took the scenic route. She began her career in the fashion industry, working at a family-owned business in Southern California that produced luxury handmade footwear and handbags for the world’s top boutiques, athletes, and celebrities. After moving to Atlanta, she knew she wanted experience at a larger firm, and found just that while working logistics for a medical device company. During the 4 years she worked there, Csilla earned her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and an MBA all while working full-time. With such a diverse and well-rounded background, it was no wonder that Csilla found her way to North Highland.
But Csilla, what was the moment you KNEW you wanted to join the Academy?
“I scheduled all my in-person interviews in one day, so I had three back-to-back. My last interview was a case-style interview led by both a Managing Director and a Vice President at the firm. It was intense, but afterwards we had a great conversation. As we left the room, they asked me how the day went and I said, “I had fun!”. It was true. I felt like my interviews were simply dialogues with genuine people that I would want to be friends with. When I left, rather than feeling exhausted, I felt energized and excited. I just felt so at home and natural with everyone I met, and that is when I knew I wanted the job! I still feel that way today.”

"Learning from Day One"

Charlie K

In my first ever consulting project, I had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the North Highland automotive team to help a client, one of the consistently top 5 selling car brands in the country, to increase sales on its eCommerce website. To do so, the North Highland team proposed a business case that would migrate their current website and sales methods to a new site utilizing a brand-new eCommerce strategy.

I came to North Highland with a niche background, mainly in corporate finance, and knew I was going to need to learn some new skills, and quickly, if I was going to add value. The role required extensive Excel skills as well as the ability to formulate a realistic business case based on limited information. The data we did uncover helped me fully understand just how many considerations we would need to take into account, to include: client’s historical data, input from vendors, logistical feasibility, tax implications, legal hurdles, and executive buy-in. It was going to be a time-consuming and labor-intensive undertaking.

The outcome of the project was overwhelmingly successful. We were able to deliver value to the client, and personally, I felt a real sense of pride in facing such a big role head on. That said, I think without such an incredible North Highland team, this would have been too much of an overwhelming task to handle. I feel so fortunate that I got to work alongside such a selfless, intelligent, and creative leveraged team that included Master Practitioners, Managers, and Principals alike, to whom I was able to bring my questions and concerns. I learned more during that 10-week engagement than I did in a year’s time at my previous job, and I am so excited to continue learning and growing during my time in the Academy here at North Highland.

Charlie came to North Highland with two years of experience in financial services. His specific areas of expertise include process improvement, business analysis, and data research. He currently leads the Academy Talent Acquisition team.

"Valuable Opportunities, Valuable Connections, Valuable Insights"

Matt A

As a part of an Academy initiative designed to connect Academy members with senior North Highlanders through developmental opportunities, I got to work closely with a leading change management Principal to hypothesize ideas surrounding Reskilling and the Future of Work. The research was compiled for presentation to a major financial services client that had expressed interest in the topic of reskilling the workforce to meet the human capital demands of the future.

The presentation gained traction within North Highland, and firm leaders asked that we compile a whitepaper ("Winning at Reskilling"). Multiple subject matter experts took part in the whitepaper's development, each bringing their own area of expertise to concisely break down the complex subject of Reskilling within today's environment of continuous transformation.

After the whitepaper was published, I co-authored a blog post (“Reskilling for the Future of Now”). The blog post explores why organizations must place emphasis on their workforce’s ability to adapt quickly and effectively to change. By reskilling today, organizations will close knowledge and skills gaps in order to tackle the strategic priorities that will ultimately define their success. Being able to co-author a piece of thought capital of this magnitude that was shared with North Highlanders and clients alike has been one of my most rewarding experiences in the Academy. 

Through the independent research, team collaboration, and depth of resources that went into the thought capital, I was able to discover valuable insights, learn from experiences with clients, and gain a different perspective on the industries in which North Highland consults. The opportunity to work alongside subject matter experts and industry veterans – having had only have two years of work experience – is what makes the North Highland experience so unique. 

Matt joined the North Highland team with expertise in project management, change management, business process design, onboarding, benefits, and workforce planning. He’s worked with clients spanning industries that include construction, technology, and healthcare.